Monday, June 22, 2009

New Playground

We finally got the playground put together!! It has definitely been a lot of fun for the kids so far! It looks great and I'm hoping to continues to look that way. Hopefully with some wood seal each year we can keep it looking that great. We are planning on mulching all underneath the set so that will make it look even better. RJ's favorite: swings, slide and telescope. Payton's favorite: swings and slide and tire swing.

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday all over!! First, we started the day off with an early morning breakfast at our favorite, Cracker Barrell. Next was heading to Birmingham to the Apple Store to pick up the new iPhone 3G S. Afer standing in line and other minor and MAJOR catastrophes... we made it back to our town and had a fun cookout with friends before heading to dinner with hubby's side of the family. It felt like all we did all day was drive and eat.... not too bad and the kids were great. As Jess, (miss you) would say they were real "troopers!"

Here are some fun pics from the day! My battery for the Canon was dead so I took these with my trust Sony PNS (always works in a pinch)!

We love you Daddy! Happy Father's Day to my Dad also!! He's pretty awesome, if I must say so!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer break = lazy blogging!

It's been a great summer already! We started off our summer break with a trip to Gulf Shores! The kids loved the beach and the pool! These first few weeks have flown by so fast I know the others will too. We are just trying to enjoy every moment we can!

The first grouping are snapshots from the beach! Everything from RJ riding the go-kart "all my byself", a ride on a ferris wheel with Roby scared to death (notice the death grip on the pole), and Payton sunning like a big girl in a lounge chair by the pool! RJ even enjoyed getting in the "hot pool" with Daddy... hot tub to everyone else!
This was our annual mini-photo session at sunset... And some other faves I just couldn't leave out...

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