Disney Marathon
January 8, 2012
Orlando, FL

Time: 4:53.38
(slow, but finished... just gives me more motivation for my next one!)

Woodstock 5k
August 2011
TIME - 24:57  I broke the 25 minute mark!
I was super excited when I saw the official results because my watch had just a
couple of seconds over the 25 min mark and I was very disappointed. 
Woodstock is a tough 5k course with a long uphill stretch to finish the race.
I hadn't ran the entire week before the race so I was worried
my time would be slightly off but I guess my speed work paid off.

Talladega Half - Marathon
April 2011
TIME - 2:05 - My goal was under 2 hours, but I felt really good most of the race and
was able to finish at a faster pace than I started so that made me feel a little better.

First 10k race!

Somehow I forgot to mention that I completed my first 10k over the weekend. How could I forget that?! Anyway... on to the race... it was a big accomplishment for me. I was proud to have finished and to have met my goal.

It started out on a cloudy, yucky Saturday morning.  It actually didn't rain during the race, but it sure looked like it the whole race. I felt pretty good before the race, just a little pre-race jitters. My goal was to finish under an hour. In my training runs I have finished around an hour so I figured the extra adrenaline would push me under the hour mark.

The first couple of miles seem to always be the toughest part on me. Maybe it's just getting warmed up or something, but usually after mile 2 I'm feeling pretty good. Not sure if it's a good thing or not, but when I run in races I always put this pressure on myself to pass the person in front of me.  It turned out to be just what I needed for this race. I picked out a couple of ladies that were in front of me and I kept my eyes on them; planning out my strategy.  I caught them around the 5 to 5.5 mile mark and hung with the ladies till the end. I'm glad they were there because they ended up helping me meet my goal.  I even won my age group, but I don't think there were many in my age group so don't be too impressed. My official time was 56:43. Official results

Now it's time to pick it up and continue my schedule for the half-marathon.  I'm already starting to get nervous just thinking about that race.
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