Thursday, January 29, 2009

New favorite!

If you have not checked out Etsy, you need to. This is very similar to Ebay except that there is no bidding and everything is handmade. The most unique gifts are out there just waiting for you to find. I'll share just a few of the many things I have found. I have ordered all of these for Payton's upcoming 1st birthday!!

This is the adorable "She loves cupcakes" print I ordered. Payton's birthday theme will be cupcakes so it fit perfect. Have added this seller to my list of favorites.

Also got this adorable cupcake set complete with the muffin pan!! I'm sure Payton will love playing with these!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Week 1 - Project 365

This is my first week of pictures! Week 1!! And in a digital layout!! I got the layout templates from Designer Digitals - Katie Pertiet. They are awesome and getting my by until my actual kit arrives. Although I think this may be an easier way to do the album. I still want to actually have the photos in the albums- old school.

Just Us

This is us... the Brooks Family. We are just playing around at the house one night, right after dinner, right before bedtime for Payton. This is taken in the playroom... or the dumping ground for all things with wheels and noise!!


Okay, I'm kind of torn on this one. I was so excited to actually purchase 2 of the Becky Higgin's Project 365 kits only to learn that my order was just "in the system" and now placed on backorder. Next shipment is supposedly on the way from China. Hopefully I will have the kit in my hands by mid-February. So, needless to say, I'm a little aggravated because I thought my order was going through only to learn it was actually placed on backorder. So you can imagine me rushing home everyday to check the front door hoping the UPS guy left me a package.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! Hope you have a grand ole'day! Thanks for being the bestest "Yankee" friend a southerner could hope for.

Happy New Year to all! I have not blogged in quite a while... Christmas always seems so busy. There are so many toys to open, what are the packaging people think is going to happen to the toys?? Those little twist ties are enough to drive any parent crazy!! So many batteries to find and replace. We now keep on hand and in stock batteries of every shape and size.

I've been reading a lot on some of fave blogs- Ali Edwards and Jessica Srague, about words of the year and day. I'm hoping to use these words as jumping off points for more journaling and more scrapbooking.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I've also started a new project. Project 365. A Becky Higgins creation. I sat at my computer all day just trying to get "in line" to order one. I did it!!! I'm so excited. Basically, the jist is to keep something from each day... a picture, a receipt, a to-do list, etc. The album looks great and the kit includes everything you need to complete the album.

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