Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas program

Another year, another wonderful Christmas program at our daycare facility!  This has been a tradition in our family since big brother graduated from the same daycare also. Payton did a great job singing with her friends and was super excited when the teacher surprised them with skittles after their performance.  Sometimes I think this child would do anything for candy... especially skittles and starburst!

Payton and one of her teachers, Miss Taryn

Payton and Colbie

The three musketeers.... these girls are always together!

Payton and Tia... been together since they were in the baby room!

Payton and Jackson... these two use to lay on the floor and play together all day!

Swamp People

Of course, I am talking about the hottest show on TV! But my favorite characters are not the ones everyone else likes... Troy, Landry... no, of course not.  My favorite are the two old brothers who live off the Louisana bayou land.  Glenn and Mitchell. They still live in the house their grandparents lived in.  And everything they eat has either been raised by them or killed by them.  Enough said.  So you can imagine my excitement when my husband surprised me with this most awesome t-shirt!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Breakfast with Santa 2011

We made it out to have Breakfast with Santa again this year... put on by a local high school.  It's always a lot of fun for the kids to get to interact with Santa, Mrs. Claus and all kinds of christmas characters.  RJ was much more into the characters last year but more into playing with his friends this year. Payton had to warm up to the idea of the characters, then she was ready to take pictures.

RJ and friends at Breakfast with Santa

Mrs. Claus reading all the kids a christmas story

Payton and an elf

Payton, Jenna, Jasey, and RJ

Payton and gingerbread man - had to remind her about the story...
"Run, run as fast as you can; you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man."  

The Grinch was nice... he gave out copies of the book Mrs. Claus read to all the kids.

Payton and Frosty the snowman

RJ and friends showing off their nice/naughty coins from Santa

Party, blood, lasers and more!

I guess it's inevitable when about 15 boys ages ranging from 6 - 10 get together there is going to be a lot of noise, laughs, fun, and a little blood.  We celebrated RJ's 7th birthday party this year with one of his best friends, Trace.  They had a laser tag party! The boys all loved it. 

And we almost made it through the party with no major problems.  Until... a laser gun to the head left a gash in one of the birthday boys... Trace.  But, he was the most amazing tough boy I've seen... his mom is a nurse so she checked him out, got the wound to stop bleeding and we went on with cake, pinata and presents.  (He did have to end up getting 3 staples, but at least he got to enjoy his party!)

Love the reaction of boy on left... he was ready to blow candles too!

Lego Pinata.... that the boys destroyed!

Party boys... notice Trace's left collar of shirt... post injury and still smiling!

Playing in the jumpy's before we left... can see the blood on Trace's shirt a little better in this one.

Lego cake and cupcakes

More birthdays...

This past week we started celebrating RJ's birthday a little early! Tuesday night we headed to the Lego Store in a local mall to create a Lego nutcraker and also for mom to get some birthday shopping taken care of.  We went with RJ's friend Trace who is also celebrating a birthday.  It was a fun night for these soon to be 7-year-olds!

The line was a little more than we expected... 

The birthday boys checking out the new Legos...

Finally in the store.  The boys were assigned a table and a store helper to build their creation.

The nutcracker is complete!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome back Candy Cane!

Our elf, Candy Cane has been very busy since he returned to us on Dec. 1. And the kids couldn't be happier about it!  It is the best way to get them out of the bed in the morning... so much easier than a simple, "Good Morning."  Instead, "Let's see what Candy Cane did last night" seems to rocket propel them out of bed! 

Here are a few places we have caught Candy Cane:

making his own snow slide...

replacing stockings with kids underwear... 

toilet papering our tree... 

leaving movies for the kids...

making his very own zip line in our kitchen...

Monday, December 5, 2011


No, not the number as age wise... I mean, I wish.

That number never looked so intimidating before.  I mean, come on, I ran 18 miles last Saturday and felt great.  This weekend, not so great, but I did finish the big 20 mark. A definite first for me and only one more long run before the big race... just a little over a month away.  Nerves are starting now as I think about it.

So that is how my birthday morning started.  Bright and early and cold... seriously, running with frost on the the ground isn't the most ideal temps for this native Floridian. But, again, I did it. At times, really rethinking this goal of mine, but I'm hoping the feeling I have when crossing that finish line will make all this fade away.  Kind of like having babies... you remember the sweet moments not the painful ones. And the good so outweighs the little bit of bad you have to go through...

When I came home this is what I found...
Another moment that was special to me.  My two little ones singing happy birthday. 
So sweet.

After some recovery time... we headed here for my birthday dinner.  I've been wanting to go for months. 

So good.  Hubs wasn't all that impressed... forgot Chipotle doesn't serve queso dip.  This guy of mine is a fool for some queso.  But I loved it. Perfect birthday dinner for me.  Then on to some shopping and cheesecake for us from Cheesecake Factory... but I guess I was too excited to eat it because I forgot to take pictures! It was delicious nonetheless.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alabama v. Auburn

Lots going on today... 18 miles done! (milestone for me: longest distance ever run)  Then on to the big Alabama v. Auburn game.  We were able to eat up some Thanksgiving leftovers and enjoy some fun football sides as well. I made a new caramel apple dip that was a huge hit!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hosted lots of family and friends over Thanksgiving! It was a fun, long weekend. A nice break from school and our daily routines.  Sorry for the lack of quality pictures but after cooking and stressing for days I was glad to just get everything out and be able to sit down! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend company

We were so excited to have a visit from good friends from California over the weekend, along with time spent with our now-local friends.  It was fun to spend time with Wes and Kelby and kids who are here to visit Wes' family and also to have Amy and Pat and kids along for the fun.

Friday night, all the girls + RJ stayed in with yummy potato soup, fixing hair, playing, making cupcakes and running around like crazy.  Saturday we were able to hang out more, enjoy a girls trip to Target, and lunch all together before Wes and Kelby had to make their way to his family. 

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