Monday, December 12, 2011

Party, blood, lasers and more!

I guess it's inevitable when about 15 boys ages ranging from 6 - 10 get together there is going to be a lot of noise, laughs, fun, and a little blood.  We celebrated RJ's 7th birthday party this year with one of his best friends, Trace.  They had a laser tag party! The boys all loved it. 

And we almost made it through the party with no major problems.  Until... a laser gun to the head left a gash in one of the birthday boys... Trace.  But, he was the most amazing tough boy I've seen... his mom is a nurse so she checked him out, got the wound to stop bleeding and we went on with cake, pinata and presents.  (He did have to end up getting 3 staples, but at least he got to enjoy his party!)

Love the reaction of boy on left... he was ready to blow candles too!

Lego Pinata.... that the boys destroyed!

Party boys... notice Trace's left collar of shirt... post injury and still smiling!

Playing in the jumpy's before we left... can see the blood on Trace's shirt a little better in this one.

Lego cake and cupcakes

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