Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Improptu Photo Session?!

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day here in Alabama... we played outside in the yard all afternoon. I had the bright idea to try and get some pictures of Dad and the kids. This is how they turned out... notice anything wrong the pictures? Eyes closed, not looking, goofy boys, sick little girl... the weather was great, the photos not so much!! We'll keep trying!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mimi and Papa and Maggie Moo's!

Mimi and Papa made it up to visit for the weekend during their vacation! The kids were both so excited to see them! Mimi and Payton spend their quiet time outside watching the hummingbirds while RJ and Papa are throwing balls or quarters or racing cars. We never realized we hadn't shared the Maggie Moo experience with Mimi and Papa so we decided to treat ourselves. Payton is definitely a fan of any ice cream, Mimi enjoyed the red velvet ice cream. All RJ cared about were his M&Ms.

We can see see changes in our kids daily... it is absolutely mind-blowing to stop and think how much they are changing. Daily tid-bits around our house these days: Payton is trying to dress herself (and doing a pretty good job!), loves putting on any and all shoes, RJ is hooked on Phineas and Ferb and any vehicle with wheels (I don't think this will ever change!). Both kids are loving their daycare and their teachers!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What a lovely sight on the way to our house... at least my husband was kind enough to stop (in his car) and take a picture of the huge rattlesnake crossing the road close to to our house. Guess the Project 365 has impacted everyone in our family! This is definitely our picture of the day for Sept 15! We are surrounded by wildlife at the golf course... deer, turkey, frogs, raccoons, foxes, and now SNAKES??!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eventful Sunday morning...

We woke up Sunday morning to find a couple of hummingbirds that had gotten confused and were "stuck" in our garage. It was quite the ordeal... the kids didn't really know what to think but loved getting to watch the little birds. They love seeing them through our backporch windows as they eat from our feeder. It was an all together different sight to see them flying around in our garage. One of the hummingbirds had gotten stuck in some cobwebs and its wings were stuck together. It got so tired at one point that it just fell to the ground. Roby picked it up and pulled some of the cobwebs off and it was finally able to take off. RJ was so happy at first then his emotions turned to sadness quite quickly when he realized the other hummingbird was still in our garage trying to find a way out. He said, "oh no, what about his brother? If he flys off without his brother how will they find their way home?" Such a sweet heart he has! The other one finally landed on a broom and we were able to free him also! Some pictures from our morning...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Football, birthday, and fun!

This past week we celebrated Daddy's birthday, enjoyed another high school football game on Friday night (what else is there to do on a Friday night in the Fall, in the South?? Ha!) and relaxed a little on our first three day weekend of the new school year!

Dinner on a volleyball game night is rather simple and easy...
hotdog and mac-n-cheese from Betty's!
The kids handprints as fish on our own painting to hang in the kids bathroom!

Can't beat a cake from Great American Cookie Co!!

We also celebrated a little early with a birthday breakfast at our favorite...
Cracker Barrell!

Friday night football fun on The Hill! Can you tell Daddy got him ready
while Mommy was getting Payton ready??!!

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