Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Sunday afternoon we headed to Hayden, AL to the Great Pumpkin Patch. This was our first time driving to Hayden. The Pumpkin Patch was packed! There was tons of things for the kids to do... pony rides, petting zoo, bungy jumps, homemade pumpkin pie, inflatables jumpies, and of course the wagon ride to the Pumpkin Patch!Petting zoo...Sitting with Nana....I still can't believe he actually did this... his first time and he loved it!

I think she is posing already??!
RJ, Sawyer and Payton
Picking out our pumpkin... Beautiful day for the Great Pumpkin Patch!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Portraits...

These pictures are my first attempt at ever photographing other people besides my own children! It was a lot of fun and honestly... it can be quite addicting. I loved the whole process!!

Thanks to the Barnett Family and the Pressley Family!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is RJ's definition of "camping"... fire outside, with smores. That's it. So we have purchased a small fire pit to have outside off the back porch. It is the perfect time of year for it! The warm fire feels great with the cool temps at night. RJ's favorite is definitely the Hershey's chocolate bars... I think he had a whole bar last night. He even gave some to Dad and then quickly asked if they could share it! Too funny! Payton is missing from the "camping" festivities because she was already asleep. She was not a fan of the fire anyway.

Oops... forgot to turn flash on... super slow shutter, but kinda cool.

Showing off his first S'mores...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

A little behind... so we are playing catch-up! Last Friday, RJ's 4 yr old class headed to the pumpkin patch at Camp Lee! His first official field trip! (they got to ride a bus and everything... although he was a little disappointed it wasn't the big yellow school bus he has seen over and over!) They got to pick out their own small pumpkin and then a big class pumpkin. He loved the hayride and getting to pet "Bobbie the (stuffed) Bobcat."

Showing off their pumpkins...

Here is "Bobbie the Bobcat"
RJ, Payton and cousin Sawyer Movie night... I loved the kids wanting to pile up with Daddy!!
Mom's first adventure sewing a t-shirt for Payton! She wore it one day to daycare and already managed to pull off a button and tear a hole in the shirt!
New shoes... she loves the glitter!
Birthday party fun for a school friend...
Hand paintings...
Face paintings (Before) After (actually before we even got out of the parking lot!!)

Friday, October 9, 2009


It seems like almost anything goes on Fridays... especially around here... I couldn't help but crack up when I noticed this picture I took last night. I was trying to get a picture of RJ playing with the plethora of cars and trucks he has acquired when he asked me to take a picture of this one. Okay, no problem... didn't notice anything strange until today when I started loading the pictures on my computer. This gave me quite a little chuckle... I really didn't know we had any of these type of vehicles or that we had purchased one!! The writing on the side of the bus says...
"Inmate Transport."
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