Monday, February 28, 2011

Happiness is....

Happiness for us is...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Petal Chic

I stumbled across this lovely a few days ago and am in the process of narrowing down my hat purchase... not too easy when you see all the fabulous designs.  I'm really feeling the Harlow design, but the Abby, Gracie, Eva and Avery are coming in sooo close. And you can pick your own hat color! Now if hats were just in my dress code at work I would be all set!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Practice time.

This is our view 3 days a week.  I must admit... I have been waiting for this since the kiddos were born. Call me crazy, but I have been looking forward to doing homework with them, taking them to practice, having snacks ready for them, taking action shots of them... I've been waiting for all of this.  But, I do have to work on my action shots... I'm investigating and playing around with the shutter speed setting on my camera this weekend to help with those blurry shots.  A new lens would be nice but that's not happening for now. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What have we been up to?

The spring sports season is officially upon us.  We are underway with t-ball and track season.  We are currently practicing baseball three times a week.  Track season has also officially started with practice during the week also. Not sure how we are going to do all this when little Miss Payton decides to start dancing or playing ball.  But, oh what fun it is.  I enjoy watching tball practice... something I never thought I would say... me, enjoying watching a game I'm usually not the least bit interested in.  And, it's fun juggling all of our family activities. I'm really cherishing this time we can all be together doing something.  Pretty soon we will be split up, going in all different directions. So this is where you can find us three days a week....

More, decent pictures to come when I can actually remember to bring my camera instead of relying on my phone...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Circus Waffles?!

Oh, Yes!
I couldn't believe it when I came across this at Urban Outfitters a few days ago.  Let me explain... my kids L.O.V.E. waffles.  I mean really truly ♥ waffles.  We are never without that Leggos box in our freezer.  That is the quick and easy solution to breakfast on the weekends when mommy wants to just sleep a few more minutes but the kids are begging for breakfast. 

I'm keeping this little baby a surprise for Saturday morning breakfast.  Guess I'm going to have to go sleep a little earlier than usual on Friday night so I'll be ready to get up and get cooking the kids some circus waffles! I know they will love being able to eat a clown waffle, a lion waffle and the elephant waffle! Maybe I should go ahead and make the waffle batter early so I can get just a few more minutes of sleep...

The Little Things.

Sometimes... it doesn't take much. 
Sometimes... it's just a hug, or maybe it's just a tender squeeze to help dry up those tears of frustration. 
Sometimes... it's a fun tickle time with mommy or daddy. 
Sometimes... it's just some snuggle time on the couch watching a favorite TV show.'s putting together a puzzle, over and over
Sometimes... it's reading a book. 
Sometimes... it's just the little things that mean the most.

It usually doesn't take much to make kids happy and to see that wonderful smile. 
For my kids... all of the above will usually work. 
But some days... some days, they need a little help... 
around here, that comes in the form of an
M&M McFlurry!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Play Ball!

We are geared up t-ball around here! Seems like everyday we are outside practicing catching, fielding, hitting or throwing... RJ loves it (and of course, that makes Daddy so happy). I love the wonderful weather we are having... but I know this weather too well... we are bound for another cold spell. So we are enjoying it as much as we can now. Payton even has her own pink and purple ball and glove. And not to be outdone by her brother's snazzy new baseball equipment she also has her own Jenny Finch bat!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

We officially celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday night... so I was surprised when I received these beautiful flowers on Valentine's Day! If you have seen the movie "No Strings Attached" then you will understand the 'congrats' balloon!  It was a really funny romantic comedy that Roby and I saw a couple of weeks ago.  I am a lucky girl with a very sweet and thoughtful husband.

Hope you had a special day with your loved ones!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Life.

I've recently recruited two friends (but would love to have more... hint, hint) of mine to join my in my Project Life journey! I'm so excited. Just to clear up some questions that are still floating out there... here are some pictures of my past albums.

The original version is on the left (2009) and last year's kit is on the right (2010). I started both (well, all three including this year) on January 1. But it really doesn't matter when you start... that is just another wonderful thing about this project... it's totally customizable to your life.
 The opening page for 2009.  I love the albums... very nice quality and holds up well with all the pages.
 The page protectors have 8 slots (4 on each page) to make a one-week spread. The extra slot is for you to record the week or dates - however your prefer. Those cards, page protectors and journaling cards are all included in the kit.  Don't you just love my little girl sitting and looking at the pages?! Both of my kids love seeing themselves in the albums.
 Close-up of one half of a week... the month dividers are also included.
 Another shot of the album.
A close up of another week...  (we were potty-training during this time!)
 My albums are out in plain view. This is our front door entry way. Eventually I would love to have built-ins put in on either side of our fireplace... a perfect place for shelves to house our family albums.  But for now... I like having them out and accessible for guests and even the kids.  My album I am working on this year is out on our dining room table so it is easier to maintain and keeps things fresh on my mind. Plus, if it's out in the open for all to see that is just more motivation for me to keep it up-to-date. Yes, I have fallen behind... mostly on the journaling... I don't have a problem taking pictures at all. I look forward to the entire process... I'm trying to challenge myself to look outside the box more... not only use photos.  I've recently included in my current album some of my son's school artwork and a super note from his teacher. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine creation.

For our Valentine's date night we headed to our local paint bar... The Community Canvas. We have done it a couple of times before. Two years ago we did a painting of a heart that was pieced together to make a whole. Turned out really good and the experience was so fun. We decided to give it another try. I love making things so it was right up my alley. Here are the step by step photos... my camera battery died after the first two pictures of the night (not good planning on my end.) So please excuse the quality of the phone pictures, but something is better than nothing.

Mingling and getting ready to get started.
 The girls on one side, the boys on the other side...
 Our paint palette... we could pick our own background colors.
 First step - painting the background and blending the colors.
 So grainy... sorry.  Our trees put together....
 Our finsihed product!
 The new home for our painting... just inside the front door.

 Roby added his own special touch to his side of the tree... very sweet.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

♥ Classroom treats

It's on the way, around the bend... Valentine's Day! We were busy last night making RJ's class Valentines. We combined a couple of projects into a simple and easy pack for his classmates. The parts all came from different websites. The sucker valentine idea came from eighteen25. The froggy tic-tac-toe printout came from It's always a party at the Parker's. RJ enjoyed putting the whole pack together and even writing the labels out for his classmates. Hope his friends like them!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wrapping it up.

What a big birthday weekend we had! Not sure if this little girl will remember much of her 3rd birthday 10 years from now but she really enjoyed herself this weekend. We followed up her party on Friday night with her very first manicure and pedicure! She loved it.  She was definitely shy at first, this was a whole new experience for her. But within just a few minutes she was loving all the fun! We ventured to a new nail spot just for kids. Payton chose her own nail colors... for her fingers - blue with sparkles, for her toes, light pink! It was a lot of fun!  

Big brother was having his own fun with Dad. T-ball is just starting... along with all the equipment, tryouts, and clinics. RJ is having a great time learning all kinds of new things about baseball. Not sure why he needed a helmet to draw on the new art board though?

 On to the final event of the weekend... cake #2.  I promise she really did like her Dora cupcake-cake! 
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