Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's out there. April 3. I'm going for it. The Talladega Half-Marathon.

I've always wanted to run in a marathon. So first step is to train for a half-marathon and see how I do. Problem? It's cold and winter. This native Floridian doesn't do cold weather very well, especially when it comes to running in it. So here I am running upwards of 60+ laps around our high school gym.  Fun times. I'm not a treadmill runner either. I love running outside. So this weather is really killing me. I'm really, really hoping for some warmer temps soon.  Like last weekend, 68-70 on Saturday and Sunday... perfect!!! Problem with Alabama weather... you never know what you are gonna get. Tornados, rain, sleet, ice, snow, sun... we got it all!! 

Back to the running... I've logged over 32 miles so far.  I'm almost to the end of my week 2 training schedule.  I'm really starting to feel the benefits. I've always ran... just 2-3 miles... usually all I had time for. But now I'm really challenging myself out of my comfort running zone and I like it.  I've gotten faster already. I'm excited.  I actually look forward to my running days!

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