Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Life.

I've recently recruited two friends (but would love to have more... hint, hint) of mine to join my in my Project Life journey! I'm so excited. Just to clear up some questions that are still floating out there... here are some pictures of my past albums.

The original version is on the left (2009) and last year's kit is on the right (2010). I started both (well, all three including this year) on January 1. But it really doesn't matter when you start... that is just another wonderful thing about this project... it's totally customizable to your life.
 The opening page for 2009.  I love the albums... very nice quality and holds up well with all the pages.
 The page protectors have 8 slots (4 on each page) to make a one-week spread. The extra slot is for you to record the week or dates - however your prefer. Those cards, page protectors and journaling cards are all included in the kit.  Don't you just love my little girl sitting and looking at the pages?! Both of my kids love seeing themselves in the albums.
 Close-up of one half of a week... the month dividers are also included.
 Another shot of the album.
A close up of another week...  (we were potty-training during this time!)
 My albums are out in plain view. This is our front door entry way. Eventually I would love to have built-ins put in on either side of our fireplace... a perfect place for shelves to house our family albums.  But for now... I like having them out and accessible for guests and even the kids.  My album I am working on this year is out on our dining room table so it is easier to maintain and keeps things fresh on my mind. Plus, if it's out in the open for all to see that is just more motivation for me to keep it up-to-date. Yes, I have fallen behind... mostly on the journaling... I don't have a problem taking pictures at all. I look forward to the entire process... I'm trying to challenge myself to look outside the box more... not only use photos.  I've recently included in my current album some of my son's school artwork and a super note from his teacher. 

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