Sunday, July 18, 2010

Princess Payton

She wore this dress all day today. I even had to talk her out of wearing it into Target and Home Depot (in the car.) So this morning she had a little phoot shoot (please note- it was early, hence, the crazy hair!). By this afternoon she was making up dance steps! How quickly she has turned into a girly-girl!!


Not sure I have mentioned it before, but this little boy doesn't like to try new things. Santa brought this awesome-looking bike to our house this past Christmas and now 7 months later he has finally mustered up the nerve to ride it outside. He loves riding it inside, but I'm not sure what the deal is with moving it outside that makes it suddenly so terrifying. But it is another thing we have checked off our list this summer....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Around the house...

Typical daily life around our house includes:
  • RJ playing the Nintendo DSi or the Wii
  • Payton playing with her babies or "helping" mom with whatever I'm doing
  • our afternoon popsicle time on the front porch
  • trying to talk the kids into sleeping late (in their own beds)
  • Payton watching Dora, RJ watching Scooby Doo (yes, the old 1970-something ones)
  • playing chase and hide-and-seek (inside and outside)
  • mom's "project for the day" (closets, scrapbook room, bed/bathroom)
  • a never-ending snack time (or so the kids think!)
  • FUN trips to Ikea (super excited about this one!)

whew, I'm really going to miss all these fun times during our random days.

A month already...

It's seriously been a month already since I posted to the blog?! Wow, I am really out of my regular, daily routine! Sad thing is it will soon be coming to an end. When the fireworks fly on the 4th of July I'm a little sad because I realize my summer is just about over. Only a few more weeks now until school starts back and the summer really has flown by this time. We have been filling our days with all kinds of fun lately... even though the heat seems unbearable at times the kids love to be outside! Here is a little of what we have been up to...

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