Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip to doctor... #???

We officially know all of our nurses and Dr. very well after going through 2 kids who have battled numerous ear infections. Poor Payton has had her fill of ear problems... even after tubes, which are supposed to help! So we weren't all that surprised when we got a call from daycare saying she woke up with blood in her ear! Shocking and a little scary, but not all that out of the ordinary for us. Again, poor little girl that has had to go through all this. (EVEN after 9 months of breastfeeding!!!)

So we suffered through an 1 1/2 hour appt at the dr.'s office... (notice RJ showing off his truck??!! Yes, he is way TOO cute!)

and then of course a trip to Target to get the meds filled. This is the kids in the car waiting as daddy got the meds filled at Target. Can you tell Payton had been crying??!! (Just a little)

And RJ of course loving playing in the car when he can get out of his seatbelt!!

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