Thursday, April 1, 2010

A boys day out...

Crazy things are bound to happen when boys get together. RJ had a dentist appointment this morning at the busiest child dentist in our area... seriously, I was told they had to lock the doors at lunch! You know it's a busy place when you walk in and there are tons of toys to entertain the kids. Video games are always a big hit... supposedly RJ was telling the other boys how to play this racing game.

He survived like a champ. Then on to a quick lunch so he and Dad could make their movie date. They went to see How to Train a Dragon. RJ loved it and didn't move the whole time.

Then I guess they got bored and RJ got to entertain himself... in a trash can?! We had an extra trash can delivered because, well, we have lots of trash. At least it was a kind-of clean trash can... if that's possible. But RJ did enjoy seeing the trash can being delivered!

A great boys day out!

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