Friday, August 20, 2010

2 weeks down...

We are finishing up our second week of the 2010 school year and I can't wait for Christmas Break! Seems like time is flying by already between the snacks being packed everyday, laundry from our potty training at home and school, a/c issues at home, volleyball practices and games, a fun weekend with friends that came to visit :), still finding time to cook dinner, trying to squeeze every minute of family time I can into each day... I'm exhausted. We are soooo excited to have the pool up and running at our development... I really don't think the kids have missed swimming a day yet!

The Fowler Family: Wes, Kelby and Eve
So GREAT to have them with us for the weekend!

Time to head to the pool

Yes, Payton is painting Daddy's toes! It was so funny and so cute!! She fell asleep after school watching Dora. RJ had to throw in the funny faces behind her.

At the pool... we are so lucky, the kids definitely love the kiddie pool area.

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