Friday, October 21, 2011


I did it. I finally did it. I have signed up to run a marathon. The Disney Marathon 2012. I must admit I get butterflies still just thinking about it.  I am in Week 2 of my training plan. I'm excited about the possibility of tackling a life-long goal of mine.  I can't even imagine how I will feel the day of the race!

Still, 26 miles sounds like so much.

The training plan is a major help. When I have something planned out for me it is so much easier to accomplish. I love the feeling of making that little check mark... marking those miles off my list.
So, if anyone is in Orlando the weekend of January 7-8 feel free to come out and cheer me on! I've even heard Disney shoots off fireworks at the beginning of the race.  How cool?! Plus, Disney characters are out and about all during the race. So fun. Back to the training...

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