Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ear repair

RJ has had ear problems since he was little.  We have battled numerous ear infections and tubes starting before his first birthday.   I was really hoping that breastfeeding for 9 months was going to knock out these types of problems. No such luck.  A couple of weeks ago while taking a shower some water got in his ear and he was miserable all night, along with us. A visit to our ENT revealed a hole in his ear that had not closed up when the previous tube fell out.  Usually this happens on it's own, in our case, it did not. Surgery was scheduled to repair the hole.  They had to take a skin graf from behind his ear to fill the hole.  Fun times 10. Yeah, RJ thought so too. And on his day off from school and ours.  But it's over, everything seemed to have gone well.  One more visit to ENT this week and hopefully we will be done with our ear problems. Keeping fingers crossed.

But he did get to wear a lovely ear muff thingie home and all night after surgery. RJ did NOT like that. He even woke up at 4 am asking if he could go ahead and take it off.

Pre-surgery... after the relaxing juice... he was a champ!

 Just waking up from the anethesia... we were so happy to finally get to see him.

Finally getting to leave... we were so ready to get outta there!

 Later that night... he was feeling much better and ready to show off the muscles.

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Jessica said...

What a trooper! He is such a brave little man!

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