Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We started off Payton's birthday celebration at Build-A-Bear! Our first experience... Payton got the hang of it eventually and her older brother was a lot of help also! She picked out the Hello Kitty doll without any prodding from mommy (I promise!) and then even picked out the cupcake shirt for her to wear. Daddy helped name her as Kit Kat.

Then we headed home to get a nap out of the way before the big party! She had a blast! A few of her friends from school were there and even her most favorite teacher. Payton loved her cake along with the pizza! She also loved seeing Minnie Mouse everywhere. It was a great birthday for our little sweet cupcake to enjoy!
Payton trying to show me how old she is...

I have no idea what this conversation was about, but I love the picture! Great job Daddy capturing this sweet moment between mom and daughter.

Just a couple of random photos of my newest iPhone app: Shakeit! Photo

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