Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, what a day!

It's not looking like a good day when you think you get to be home early for once and actually get some cleaning around the house done before the kids get home from school just to realize you are less than a mile away from home and look down and realize the gas tank has 3 miles left! (Sorry for the enormous run-on sentence...) AHHH! That is the way yesterday went... craziness at school, guess all that was still on my mind during the drive home. Thank goodness my wonderful husband was in town and able to fill up a spare gas can for me! But on the way to school this morning my car still said 0 miles! Not a relaxing drive to start the day.

But, thank goodness I made it to the gas station this morning on my 5 tanks from the gas can hubby filled up for me! Feeling much better after seeing this...

Happy Friday to all!

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