Thursday, March 11, 2010

Breakfast for dinner

This has long been a favorite around our house. RJ LOVES breakfast food: pancakes, eggs, biscuits, and the more syrup the better. When he was a toddler (and even as a baby) he always woke up early! (He's 5 and sometimes we get the rare privilege on a Saturday to sleep till 8!)

We use to make early morning trips on the weekend to Cracker Barrell... famous for pancakes, of course. I remember him sitting in his high chair eating away at them and other couples smiling and watching him. I still love how excited he gets when I tell him we are having breakfast for dinner! We have in turn passed this love of breakfast food on to Payton. She loves eggs and biscuits and of course, with a side of syrup!
Everybody busy in the kitchen. Kids help me with the eggs - always. RJ has become an expert egg cracker! Payton helped me put the sausage in the pan and even cracked a couple of eggs on her own.

Roby cooking the eggs (he's the expert), with sausage in the back and hashbrowns in the front.

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