Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Break

We are officially trying to overcome the Fall Break blues around here. Fall Break is so great during the week, but then comes the end. Hard to get myself back in the school groove, much less the kids. We had a great week all together... sad to see my volleyball season come to an end, but that meant more time with the family, which I have looked forward to for so long. We slept in (a little, does 7 am count?) Sometimes 8 am if I could get Payton to watch Dora! We also went to the park, movies, pumpkin patch, shopped, and completed a few projects at home.

A very dusty, dirty pumpkin patch... but the kids loved it!
Insert the words: "I'm King of the World" here. He's too funny.... not even sure where he heard this... Morning playtime on back patio... LOVE the way he laughs.

She loved this slide... dirt and all.

Can you feel his excitement?! He loved this, needless to say.
Trying to sneak in some early Christmas pictures...
Having fun at the hay jump

New game: Lego maze Minotaurus. I can't even guess how many hours we spent playing this game together!

Making me some snacks in the outdoor playhouse.


Erica said...

RJ makes everything look 100X more fun.

The Brooks said...

Thanks Erica!! You are so right about that!

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