Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Inspiration

Just a few images of the things rolling through my mind this week:

These just look sinful! As one of those strange people who adore candy corns, I have put this one on my must try list. You can find the recipe at I'm definitely going to try these out for our halloween party on Saturday.
Spooky Brownie Bites
Bake a pan of brownies and let cool on a rack. When cool enough to handle, turn upside down and spill onto waxed paper. Cut the hard outer edge of brownies off and discard (if you have the willpower - I ate ours, he he).
With a large round scoop, spoon scoops of brownie out of the soft inside. Use your fingers to shape into a ball while pushing the crustier parts into the center.
After all the brownie is formed into balls, roll them into colored sugar or sprinkles. Store in a sealed container in the fridge. These can be made up to three days in advance, and they are still soft and yummy!

Halloween decor ideas(for next year!!)

Jamberry Nails - really loving this blog right now and all her fun ideas! I'm definitely going to try this one. Going to check first to see if any salons in my area do it for you - first.

Halloween costumes for our family: RJ - dinosaur, Payton - kitty cat, myself - Erin Andrews. (we are dressed up at school today- I've got the microphone and name tag, but left the blonde wig at home.)

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