Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off to a running start...

The month of August has started off with a bang! It seems like the days are all blurs of school work, homework, practices, papers, laundry, packing and repacking bags for each day... and then repeat! We started off the month with a visit from Mimi and Papa.  Then quickly got right back into the swing of school routines, had 1st grade orientation, some fishing, sunday school promotion, a road race, school shopping, and a birthday for Nana. *Warning: picture heavy!

 Visit with Mimi and Papa
 RJ's favorite fishing spot... the bridge at the golf course
 Getting ready for his first mile race
 Finishing the Woodstock 2011 5k - time 24:57
 RJ with his medal for finishing the Kidstock 2011, time - 8:49
 Big kid bible from OFBC for promotion into 1st grade class
 Backpack blessing at OFBC
 First day - 3 yr old class with Ms. Mary
 RJ's snack for first day of 1st grade
 Orientation with his teacher at DES
 Nana's birthday dinner at O'Charleys
 starting Fall baseball practice with his baseball buds - Trace and Judd
 First day of 1st grade... walking in like a pro!

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