Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney Marathon 2012

(Race recap: FIRST MARATHON!!)
(I couldn't even see the start of the race until a good 15-20 mins after the first start)

What an experience! This past weekend I was able to enjoy a wonderful time with my family and complete an ultimate goal I've had for myself for as long as I can remember.  I finished my first marathon, the Disney Marathon on January 8, 2012. (Check out running page for race results!)


We visited the Fitness Expo on Saturday at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex to pick up my race packet and final race instructions.  What a scene! Tons of people milling around... you could definitely feel the anticpation in the air. 

Sunday morning, we woke to an alarm at 2:30 am... (so couldn't believe this myself, doubt already setting in).  The race officials asked for all runners to be on site by 4:00 am... in corrals by 5:00 am... oh my! Nervous, doesn't even begin to describe how I felt.  I think I was just numb by this point and just kind of going through the motions... after the 20+ minute walk to the starting lines and finding my corral it wasn't long before the first wave was starting!  The fireworks shot out at the start of each corral... definitely a wake-up... the atmosphere was crazy... ladies (and men) in tutu's, costumes, crazy hats and contraptions... you name it, it was there to be seen!  So fun! Before I knew it we were off...
The best part of the entire race was running through all the parks at Disney World.  A great distraction that helped the miles fly by! Probably the most fun moment for me was running through Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom! Plus, Disney characters were en route all along the race which made it fun for everyone to see.

Mile 18 - 20 were T O U G H. 

The last 6 miles was all heart, guts, pride, adrenaline (what was left), not really sure, but I knew I had to finish... there was no turning back now.  Everything was hurting... but it didn't matter.  There was NO GIVE UP.  The last two miles I just kept thinking of seeing my husband and burying myself in his arms.  I just had to make it to him and everything would be ok.  I did just that... and it was an absolutley magical feeling! My kids and parents met us at the finish line... another amazing feeling to have my family there with me to support and encourage me!

Now to figure out what's next?! Yes, I will definitely run another marathon... I want to improve my time and plus, it was actually a fun experience. Makes all those miles and all those early, freezing Saturday morning long runs so worth it!

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Jessica said...

Way to kick butt, chica! What is the next item on your "To Do" list?

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