Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy ♥ Day!

The kids really look forward to their Valentine parties at school.  They also really like 'making' their Valentines.  I think it is so much more fun for the kids to make something or create their own cards.  I hope I can cultivate the creativity in them while they are growing up so they do the same when they have kids.  (Thanks, Mom!) 

Payton really got into it this year and loved being my helper!  She kept asking me what she could do, or what's next?  So we got busy last night finishing up the class valentines. 

Filling her cups for classmates...

Handwriting her name on her cards... (notice the lefty, not my Firehouse sub?!)

RJ's completed Valentine card... (he was at practice, but helped when he got home.)

Payton's completed Valentine card

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