Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids Camp Weekend

I guess this is the just the beginning of many overnight stays to come... I have to remind myself he is 7 years old.  At first thought, I was excited for RJ to attend the Kids Camp Weekend with our church.  But as the day got closer I was getting more and more nervous.  But we have an awesome kids group and leaders at our church so that helped put my mind at ease, a little.  This little boy was beyond excited to go... even though I'm not sure he changed his socks at all the entire time... he had a blast. 

They had a campfire and smores the first night, (he promises me he took a shower this night?!), early morning wake up call followed by deep woods hike (probably where we picked up the friend), had to leave for a basketball game, back in time for some field games and an evening with 'Sam the Balloon Man'.   He was soooo tired when we saw him on Sunday morning.  It is usually hard to keep his little body still during the hour long church service... but this time he just laid his head down in my lap the whole time.  He was exhausted!

Packed and ready to go!

 RJ and buddies playing in one of the cabins at Camp Lee

Singing at church with all the kids from the weekend trip... seriously, the front row was mostly RJ's age kids and they were all barely standing... most had their heads down from pure exhaustion!! 

But what would any weekend be without bringing home a friend?! We found this tick on RJ when we got home and started to put him in the bath... so fun!  I know it doesn't look like much but to say RJ was freaking out about this thing would be an understatement!

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