Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Beginning to feel...

Let me just say that I like to decorate. Not sure how good I am at it, but I still like to do it. I have collected lots of Christmas 'stuff' over the past few years. Even purged a little last year and am sure to do it again this year, like maybe tonight, because I'm tired of all the boxes of 'stuff.' We had a little meltdown with our beautiful pre-lit tree last year. So the original lights don't work.

No big deal.

So I thought. I actually put up and took down our tree lights three times over the weekend. And I don't mean the simple go around in-a-circle put the lights on. I mean weaving the lights on the branches in and out so that each and every branch has lights on it.

Oh, yes! (3 times!!)

It seems that I was overloading our lights... I would get close to the top or even finished and the lights would just go out. Then plugged into a regular outlet they would work. Ahhh! So my brilliant husband helped me separate the lights into two sections so we now have two plugs for our tree. Hey, they work... I'm fine with that. At one point over the weekend, my 5 yr old son was begging Daddy not to mess with them because mommy would lay on the floor again. (A weak moment after lights #2 when RJ thought Christmas would be ruined because mommy couldn't get the lights to work.)

So finally, after all that fun (?!) and a whole weekend later, we now have our tree up and glowing! Check it out... now onto the rest of the house.

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