Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being crafty.

I've been feeling 'crafty' this past week... maybe it's all this free time I've had on my hands with snow breaks from school and holidays and short work weeks. Seems to be getting my mind recharged... yay, feels nice! We have been up to all sorts of fun things around our house lately... (hence, the reason I haven't posted in almost a week!)

Nothing crafty about this post but thought the kiddos were too cute
as we were leaving Red Lobster on Friday night...
Our Valentine's Day hand print project
My fabric flower necklace - idea from Little Miss Momma. Definitely making more of these... especially after seeing this last post.

And then the big one... drumroll.... yes, we have started another DIY project at our house. Yes, scary I know, considering we had trouble putting on a screen door. But, we were inspired after visiting a friend's house for dinner. We used a gift card at Lowe's for Christmas and came home with all of this. We are....
...painting our fireplace mantle BLACK. It turns out to not be the one day project we had hoped... but that's okay. It definitely needed some work. New caulking because it had started cracking and paint was chipping... we really like the black so far. We just have some touch up work and sanding and painting still left to do. It is going to look awesome by Friday... updates to come.

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