Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year... new projects

Happy New Year! The kids are on to their own projects... painting, coloring, creating... love it!

I've got two projects running this year... of course, one is just not good enough. I have already ordered my 3rd in the Project Life series by Becky Higgins. Absolutely love this one and it really has changed my idea of scrapbooking daily life. I'm also enrolling in a class by Ali Edwards, One Little Word. I'm still struggling with my word for this year. I'm stuck between patience, discover, strive, appreciate and balance. All things that have a particular meaning to me and my life. I still haven't found that one word that just jumps out at me though. I have not participated before but I'm excited about the possibilities. Check these projects out - just reading these two ladies daily blogs provides a lot of inspiration to me.

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