Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun, Summer, and Baseball

This time of year we love being outside!  We had a wonderfully busy weekend.  The regular season games for tball ended on Saturday... with two more wins for our team.  League Champs! Yay! It has been an overall fun experience... we were lucky to have a great group of parents and kids to work with.  We also have an all-star in the family (shhhh!.... he doesn't know until tonight at the closing ceremony). Which means we will be playing baseball for the just about the entire month of June. 

After the games on Saturday morning... the kids were so excited to head over to Madison's birthday party!  It is so fun to see them get excited about going to see our dear friends - Pat, Amy, Madison and Bella.  Madison's party was so much fun... the kids had a blast. 

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated the end of tball with a team party.  There was silly string, pool, whipped cream pies, baseball, trophies and lots of fun!

 Ready, aim, fire!

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