Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Fab Five's

My Fab Five's for this week:

1. Yes, these are left from Easter and they are delicious! I'm not a fan of jelly beans,
but you can't pry sweetarts out of my hands!! I've been munching on these things non-stop.
2. Guess this is my early Mother's Day present... I have made the switch back to the iPhone. 
Roby's phone was no longer operational... wouldn't ring, dropped calls, dropped everything so since
we were both eligibile for an upgrade, my sweet and thoughtful husband came home with this
beauty for me also - pink case and all!
3.  After 2 days of being outside at track meets all day... I thought it was just allergies again,
but doesn't seem so... I'm trying anything these days...
 4. Running is still my release. Release from everything, turn on the music and just go. 
I'm enjoying the benefits of the exercise and the feelings after, it also seems to make me
want to be all around a more healthy person. (...even healthy people eat jelly beans, right?)

5. This is by far my favorite meal, snack, comfort food... all of the above. 
First, I have never been an oatmeal fan.  But, recently I have been reading a ton of running blogs
and you wouldn't believe how much these ladies talk about their food and take pictures of their food!
Many of these ladies talk about eating oatmeal as their go-to breakfast or food to eat after a run. 
That is where I discovered the best peanut butter ever!
The company: Peanut Butter & Co. - Dark Chocolate Dreams - is out of the this world...
now I'm going to share my secret recipe...

1 packet Brown Sugar & Maple oatmeal (just what was handy at our house because hubby likes it)
1 scoop dark chocolate dreams
1 handful of chocolate cheerios

Make oatmeal as directed then add in the toppings... absolutely wonderful!
I have recently added White Chocolate Wonderful to my collection...
 tried it last night as my post-dinner snack... pretty scrumptious too! 

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