Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

RJ was super excited to get his teacher something this week.  He also gets to celebrate with the fact that he is the Star Student this week.  He gets to bring 1) a book, 2) a toy and 3) a snack to share with his classmates.  It should be a fun day and he gets to invite someone special for lunch – so Daddy will be going with him.  He also made a card for his teacher all on his own.  He decided on the picture he drew and wrote the card by himself.

He was excited to read the card to Daddy…


Of course it has a dinosaur on the front chasing Mrs. Brooks and she is yelling, Ahhhhh!


   The card reads:  “I love you. Thanks for beyeing are tesher. I like the stations. I like are school.”                     (The only word I helped him with was stations.)


Inside we are placing a gift card to Hobby Lobby.

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