Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation Day!

It's here... our little boy is a kindergarten graduate! To say it is hard to believe is an understatement. I have the feeling that all the other years will now be a blur of memories. I want to enjoy each and every year with my kids while they are in school. We are so proud of RJ... he has made so many improvements in so many areas and has learned a ton. He is a great reader and had the highest math score in his class.

My favorite thing so far this year... RJ has been writing in a journal at school very often during the week. He usually draws pictures to go along with his journaling! How about that... my son is scrapbooking at age 6 and doesn't even know it! It is the most precious thing I have seen. It's all in his own handwriting with his own drawings, ideas and words. I absolutely love it! It is something I will treasure until I am ready to give it back to him... right now... Mom is keeping it safe and sound. (I'll post some pics soon of my favorite pages!)

 Look at that smile... he was so proud!
 RJ with his diploma
 Mrs. Brooks and RJ - we will miss her so much. She is a wonderful teacher!
 RJ and Daddy
 Mommy and RJ

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