Monday, March 14, 2011

10 miles.

I've read it's called the 'runner's rite of passage.' Whatever it is called... it felt pretty good to make it the 10 miles.  So I'm just hoping the race will be even more satisfying.

My goal for the day was to start off at 9 miles and then see how I felt from there. Once I got started I was feeling pretty good so I decided to go for it. The run was going pretty smoothly until somewhere around mile 9.5. There were just a few aches and pains from the hips that last half a mile but overall it all felt pretty good. My training runs don't go above 10 miles so I'm hoping this extra week I have before the race will help me prepare with some extra mileage.  So I'll be going for another 10 miler this weekend then tapering off before the race.

1 comment:

Amy Reaves Daley said...

Your marathon this coming weekend?

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