Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring break (for at least one)

This school year we didn't end up having the same week off for spring break.  :( There went the plans of heading to the beach or to Florida.  So I actually got to have some time off to myself, which was great! I could follow our normal routine but without all the getting ready part on my end and then enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast with the hubs or go for a morning run.  It was wonderful. We have enjoyed some absolutely beautiful weather so we were able to spend most of our free time outside.  But, unfortunately now the pollen has started taking over the south and as a result my nose has turned into a leaky faucet.

Yes, he appears to be telling me I'm a loser... the funny things you see during tball practice!

 Not only making brownies, but m&m brownies... yum... or at least the kids thought so. Totally their idea... promise!

 She was definitely the loudest singer in her daycare program. And she was right smack-dab in the front. Not really sure if this qualifies as singing or yellling?!

He won first place in the home run derby (tball division) for a relay for life event.  He was thrilled!

Surprise lunch with mommy at school... already a stud, sitting with two girls.

Payton having her turn at the home run derby... she did great! And loved hearing everyone cheer for her.

Oh, yes, she has inherited her brother's love for silly faces.

Asleep in bed with a baseball in one hand and the tv remote in the other.  Seriously, this is not staged. He has been falling asleep like this (with arms up above his head) since he was a baby.
Dino Dan is his new favorite show.
 My view one afternoon... nice and peaceful couple of hours, reading magazines and
enjoying my spring break.

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