Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinosaur love

After completing a dinosaur unit at school... my little boy has fallen in love with all things dinosaur.  He was a fan of T-Rex before, but now he knows so many more. He wants to look more up on the computer, he has learned what a herbivore and carnivore are, he knows so many dinosaur names (more than I have ever heard of) and has started drawing them.  Quite well... I must say.  He worked hard on some pictures last night to give his friend at school today. I secretly wanted to keep them and store them safe in our scrapbook but I figured a picture would do. After all, it was a very generous and kind thought for him to draw it for his friend.
Definitely don't want to discourage that attitude!

This is a brachiosaurus eating off a tree, because it is a herbivore.
(And yes, I had to look up that dinosaur to make sure I spelled it correctly!)
There is a little dinosaur at the bottom but I can't remember the name he told me for anything.
 This a T-Rex and a Stegosaurs in a battle...

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