Monday, March 28, 2011

My new addicition...

One of those things that you never think can happen... well, for myself that would be sushi. 
I know. Pretty crazy stuff. 
We have a local Japanese steakhouse that we are quite fond of here in town.  I have not really been brave enough to try out the sushi menu even though lots of friends have gotten on board. I bit the bullet.  I did it. 
I did the one thing I keep begging my picky 6-yr-old to do... just try one bite.
 So I did. 
Now, keep in mind, we are just talking about the easy stuff...
California Roll, off the COOKED sushi section. 
Don't give me too much credit... when I start ordering off the RAW sushi menu
then it will be something to celebrate! 

The hubby was headed to Fuji on Friday for lunch so I talked him into bringing me some sushi!!
Totally made my day and got me through those last dreaded hours of a long school week.

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